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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Alice Cooper in the "Pulpit"

Take all the worst qualities of Bob Jones Sr., Robert B. Thieme and package them in the stage presence of Alice Cooper and what do you end up with? Mark Driscoll. This is neo-fundamentalism with all the authoritarian despotism of 50's style KJV thumpers dished up with the legendary stage presence of Alice Cooper.

I have been working my way through the greek text of Titus with a little help form I.H. Marshall and slogging through the tedious lists of virtues while in the back of my mind I see Mark Driscoll up on the stage presenting to all the world the perfect anti-model of what we find in Titus. Driscoll's rhetoric is abrasive, foul mouthed, confrontational, rude, crude, blasphemous, bigoted, nasty, pornographic and occasionally mean.

This appeals to a certain kind of person, the kind of people who want to be told what to think so they don't have to do any thinking of their own. In every age there have always been hordes of people willing to follow and submit to "Big Brother" so they can turn their minds off and suck up the party line, the propaganda, without question.

The main reason I find this so disgusting is that friends of mine who used to have good sense are buying it. They must have, quite literally, lost their minds.


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