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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Song of Songs - MacArthur

The most signficant point made by John MacArthur in
The Rape of Solomon's Song
was one on hermeneutics. Be sure to print this statement on paper and fold it into your bible at the first page of Song of Songs.

We're assured moreover that the shocking hidden meanings of these texts aren't merely descriptive; they are prescriptive. The secret gnosis of Solomon's Song portray obligatory acts wives must do if this is what satisfies their husbands, regardless of the wife's own desire or conscience..

MacArthur has nailed it. Pay attention.

Old Testament Poetry:
Psa. 137:9 Happy is he who
takes your little ones
and dashes them against the rock!

As I have stressed several times in this blog, I am culturally a great distance from John MacArthur. I am not an evangelical. My concern about this is Mark Driscoll's egregious abuse of scripture. The points MacArthur makes about hermeneutics and application are the same points I would make. Driscoll's treatment of the Song of Songs is both ridiculous and profane. The point I want to stress is that his exegesis is silly. He should be laughed at as well as anathematized. I will leave the anathemas for the church leaders. I am content to just laugh at him. Driscoll is doing something really stupid and he is doing it in public. Ignorant people are buying into it.

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