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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Comment on that Guy from Ballard

Here is a fine quote from Dan Philips
April 5, post on the Guy from Ballard

I pray for Mark Driscoll. I think he's taken a really worrisome, dangerous turn. I think he was offered some very credible, loving, necessary, sober, mature, Biblical criticism that he really hated to hear. Instead of humbling himself like a wise man, taking it to heart, dealing forthrightly, and being the better for it, he's built Fort Driscoll, and I don't think everything's happiness and light inside. If he doesn't deal forthrightly, I just don't see good things ahead. In that scenario, nobody wins..

The Mars Hill thing is all about packaging. When you peal away the packaging you find that there isn't much of interest inside. It is the packaging itself that is drawing all the attention. If we edit out all the clever talk and the one-liners, what is he saying that adds anything new or interesting? The cynics of Athens are not impressed:

τί ἂν θέλοι ὁ σπερμολόγος οὗτος λέγειν; ... ξένων δαιμονίων δοκεῖ καταγγελεὺς εἶναι -- Acts 17:18


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