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Monday, October 23, 2006

Clytemnestra's Prayer to Apollo

Clytemnestra's Prayer to Apollo - Sophocles Electra 634-659

Lift up the sacrifice of every fruit, slave-girl, to the lord [Apollo] that I may offer a prayer to be relieved from the fears which hold me now.

Phoebus who-protects, please hear my words
which are hidden, for I am not among friends
and it isn't safe to bring it all to light
with this girl [Electra] standing near me
who with much noise and a wagging tongue
would spread empty gossip throughout the city.

For this vision which I saw in the night
a confusing nightmare, Lord of Light,
if it predicts good things, then let it be,
but if it is evil, turn it back on my enemies.

And if some are tempted by my great wealth
to plot together in deceit to throw me out,
do not let them to succeed,
but may I always live, as I do now, an untroubled life
holding the throne of the house of Atreus,
spending happy days, together with my friends
and those children who do not approach me
with evil intent to inflict cruel suffering.

Apollo, Lord of Light, graciously hear these [requests]
give to us everything just as we asked,
and all the others, asked in silence,
I assume, since you are a god, you will see them
for the sons of Zeus see all things.


Blogger Timotheos said...

Thank you for posting your thoughts on contextualization on my blog. I did a little search on your name, and I believe I found a book review you authored regarding Jobbes and Silva's book on Invitation to the LXX. Is this an area of expertise for you? Are you the one who penned the review?

Again, thank you. Please visit any time!

Timotheos (Tim Porter)

6:01 AM  
Blogger C. Stirling Bartholomew said...

Hello Tim,

Yes, back in the days of the old Textual Criticism forum I was making some noise about Jobes & Silva and Leonard J. Greenspoon, one of the editors of the TC Journal, asked me if I would like to review the book so I did.

Greetings, C.S.B.

9:33 AM  

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