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Friday, September 11, 2009

Enjambment & Salience - Ajax 428-429

Ajax 428-429

{ΧΟ.} Οὔτοι σ' ἀπείργειν, οὐδ' ὅπως ἐῶ λέγειν
ἔχω, κακοῖς τοιοῖσδε συμπεπτωκότα.

In the case where a clause or a sentence is too long for a line and the final word spills over into the following line, the line initial position need not be understood as pragmatically marked. Helma Dik[1] cites Ajax 428-429 to illustrate how a line initial word like ἔχω, which is an auxiliary verb with Οὔτοι ... οὐδ'..., need not be read as particularly salient. Enjambment alone does not bestow pragmatic marking on a word.

[1] (Word order in Greek tragic dialogue, Oxford 2007, p204 n60)

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