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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Placement of Right Hand elements in Hyperbaton

This morning interrupted by various distractions I managed to progress to the middle section of chapter one in Discontinuous Syntax. I had to go back and review what I was reading yesterday, particularly the short hand notation (e.g, X Y Z, XP, Y1, Y2, AP, NP, VP, etc.).

A the point where the authors started to address the placement of the right hand hyperbaton Y2 in more complex text strings, it seemed that they were taking a very long and difficult road to a destination which anyone who has been reading Ancient Greek for a few years could reach by a much shorter path. In other words, the location of the right hand element in the hyperbaton was explained using a lot of fairly convoluted language about parsing trees, typical of generative syntax analysis. The intuitive observation of a semi-competent reader of these texts is that there are few restrictions on where the right element is placed. For my purposes, the generative analysis of the problem doesn't add any value to my current understanding of hyperbaton.


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