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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

TE DH in Ajax 414

Here is a greek syntax question for anyone who happens to drop in. I am curious how we should parse (i.e. build a generative parse tree) lines 412-415 πόροι ... χρόνον. I did a some reading today about TE and TE DH in Smyth and G.Cooper but didn't really find a totally satisfactory answer. Cooper actually addresses this particular passage ( v.4 p.2961) in reference to TE DH but I will withhold his analysis until you have time to think about it.

{ΑΙ.} <Ἰ>ὼ
πόροι ἁλίρροθοι
πάραλά τ' ἄντρα καὶ νέμος ἐπάκτιον,
πολὺν πολύν με δαρόν τε δὴ
κατείχετ' ἀμφὶ Τροίαν χρόνον·
ἀλλ' οὐκέτι μ', οὐκέτ' ἀμπνοὰς
ἔχοντα· τοῦτό τις φρονῶν ἴστω.

p.s. We don't actually need to see a parse tree, just explain the word order and relationships between the constituents with specific reference to the particles/conjunctions. The first two lines should be no problem but when you get to πολὺν πολύν με δαρόν τε δὴ things get a little more interesting.

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