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Sunday, February 27, 2011

providing English translations

In my posts to biblical language forums over the last decade or so I have ceased providing English translations unless the translation illustrates some point I am trying to make. I have had to rethink this policy in regard to blog posts. The English translations are bulky, interrupt the flow of thought and often don't contribute much of anything to the argument. However, the readership in the blogsphere is diverse and Hebrew/Greek readers are a small minority. For that reason I now usually include the RSV/ESV as an aid for readers. I don't like doing this but it seems to be the normal practice on other blogs dealing with linguistics and exegesis. I have noticed that SIL technical publications often provide interlinear text which even includes parsing information. This actually makes the the biblical citations more difficult for me to read, not easier. You will need to search hard and long to find any interlinear text in my posts. Once in a blue moon there is a reason to do this, not often. 


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