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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

another brother taken down ...

Last night 5/9/11 after eleven thirty I got a call from my friend and street culture consultant BMW, he had just been told via the social network that a "minster" he new from his youth at Tabernacle Baptist had been arrested for conduct both unbecoming and unlawful. By morning the story of Timothy Dampier was all over the local news.

My friend BMW wanted to know what "the church" should do about this? I thought about while I was out walking today. I talked to a Seattle cop about it. The man confessed to the police, not the standard formula.  

later this evening I sent a reply

church should forgive him
he should clean up his act
jail time will not make him a better person.

I suspect he will probably die in prison.
the inmates don't like folks who mess with kids 

Actually I have no idea what the inmates like or don't like, just rumors I have heard and most of them old, very dated. I remember Perry Smith, the man who blew away four members of Clutter Family with a 12 gauge in Nov 1959. Perry didn't like people who mess with kids. It was something that bothered him about his partner Richard Eugene Hickock.


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